An extract from Get Real - about contemporary food culture - appeared in the Guardian Weekend Magazine on 3 March. You can read it here.

Another extract - about role models and equality - appeared in the Sunday Herald on 4 March. You can read it here.

I wrote a piece in the New Humanist in May on belief and credulousness: that's here.

I wrote a Guardian comment piece on 1 August about how social media wants to seem cuddly and radical, but is actually corporate and powerful.

I wrote a Guardian comment piece on 20 June about free school milk and the shift from overt to covert ideology in our political culture.

I wrote the Author, Author column in the Guardian on 29 March on why people act against their best interests.

And I wrote a Guardian comment piece on 'pastygate' and fake authenticity also on 29 March.

I wrote the Independent's Book of a Lifetime column on 23 March.

A preview of Jewish Book Week, featuring Get Real, appeared in the Independent on 17 February: you can read that here.

A feature on me and Get Real appeared in the Jerusalem Post on 15 March. That's here.

Another feature appeared in the Camden New Journal on 6 June. You can read it here

I wrote an article in the Ham&High on 3 May about fake people power: here.

I reviewed Tim Burt's Dark Art - about the PR industry - for the New Statesman on 23 August. 

Get Real has been reviewed in The Evening Standard, Time Out, the Guardian, Spiked, The Times Literary Supplement, The Jewish Chronicle and The Socialist Review. The TLS and Time Out reviews are not free/online.


I appeared at Jewish Book Week on Sunday 26 February 2012 with Julia Hobsbawm. You can hear the session here.

I spoke at the Bristol Festival of Ideas on Saturday 19 May: more details here.

I spoke at the Hay Festival on Sunday 3 June: more details here.

I spoke at the Whitstable Oyster Festival on 22 July.

And at Camp Bestival the weekend after that.

I spoke at the Open Book Festival in Cape Town on September 21-24.

I gave a lunchtime lecture at the RSA on what spin looks like in an age of transparency on 11 October. You can hear that here.

I debated the influence of the lobbying industry at the Battle of Ideas on 20 October.

I gave a keynote lecture for the 'Bigger Picture' series at Central St Martins on the 13 November.

I spoke on a panel on arts funding and elitism at a NYU in London event on 19 November.

I gave a keynote lecture at a conference on 'Discourses that Matter' at the University of Coimbra, Portugal on 23 November.

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